Weight loss and longevity

One man lost 145 lbs. (66 kg) in one year by stair climbing. His name is Jon Blackburn and he sometimes competes in stair climbing races. He actually did nothing but stair climbing. He does not do running, bicycling, or any other sport or exercise, just stair climbing.

There is no study that concretely shows how many more years a person could live by engaging in aerobic exercises or sports. But there are numerous studies which show the detrimental effects of being sedentary and eating high fat diets. By using common sense and the facts gathered from these studies, we could infer that every organ, including the heart has a certain amount of “mileage” of use and then must die.

If the average person’s heart beats about 74 beats per minute and lives to about 85 years, this results in 3,308,288,400 total heart beats over his/her life. By engaging in aerobic exercises and sports such as stair climbing, the heart becomes a much more effecient machine, beating far less times per minute when resting. This “saves” millions of heart beats per year, which using common sense, would result in increased longevity.

If a person became very fit and had an average resting heart rate of 55 beats per minute, it would take 114 years before this person “used” up his allotted 3,308,288,400 total heart beats per life. Of course, there are other factors in determining longevity, such as stress and diet, but with all other things being equal, the fit over the non-fit person could expect to live another 29 years.