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Stair climbing races started from the various running clubs around the world in the large cities which are home to many 70 story and greater buildings.

For a list of all stair climbing races and events around the world, see this web site:

Empire State Building New York City, 1,576 steps
Event held in February

Men Women
Age Time Name Year Age Time Name Year
15-19 12:17 S. Stephens-Whale (Canada) 2008 15-19 12:47 Nada Pauer (Austria) 2006
20-29 9:33 Paul Crake (Australia) 2003 20-29 11:23 Andrea Mayr (Austria) 2006
30-39 10:16 Christian Riedl (Germany) 2015 30-39 12:05 Suzy Walsham (Singapore) 2013
40-49 11:13 Sproule Love (NY) 2015 40-49 11:57 Suzy Walsham (Singapore) 2014
50-59 12:23 Henry Wigglesworth (DC) 2010 50-59 14:25 Stacey Creamer (NY) 2010
60-69 14:29 Hal Carlson (Illinois) 2013 60-69 17:53 Evelyn Davis (NJ) 2000
70-79 16:24 Hans Schmid (California) 2011 70-79 21:53 Joanne Keaton (IN) 2003
80-89 21:56 Salomon Salha (Venezu.) 2006 80-89
90-99 39:09 Chico Scimone (Italy) 2002 90-99
100+ 100+

Stratosphere Tower & Casino, Las Vegas, 1,455 steps
Event held in March

Men Women
Age Time Name Year Age Time Name Year
10-17 9:32 Graham MacDonald (ID) 2014 10-17 14:09 Michelle Wenger 2015
18-29 7:37 Eric Leninger (IL) 2009 18-29 8:33 Kristen Frey (IL) 2013
30-39 7:26 Javier Santiago (Mexico) 2010 30-39 8:16 Erika Aklufi (CA) 2013
40-49 7:16 Sproule Love (NY) 2013 40-49 8:52 Stephanie Hucko (NC) 2015
50-59 8:33 Thomas Scott (FL) 2015 50-59 10:47 Karen Geninatti (IL) 2013
60-69 9:47 Hal Carlson (IL) 2014 60-69 15:14 Annette Kinsman (NV) 2014
70-79 10:39 Ned Greene (NE) 2015 70-79 18:27 Kumi Horiuchi (CO) 2013
80-89 25:55 Lee Morton (NV) 2015 80-89
90-99 90-99
100+ 100+

Stairclimbing World Championship for

1978-2012 Empire State Building race in New York City

2013 to present Scale the Strat, Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas

The Official Top 25 Stair Climbing Athletes of All-Time *

Cindy Harris (above) was number one on this ranking list since the start of back in 2004 when the ranking was determined by a composite of several races. Now with the new format of using the stats from just one major competition per year, she still remains at the top of this list.

Rank, name, gold-silver-bronze, home, points (3 for gold, 2 for silver, 1 for bronze), best time in NYC or LV

1. Cindy Harris, 14-4-0, Indiana, 50 points


Race results: 1-F30 (NYC-00),1-OVR (NYC-00), 1-F30 (NYC-01), 1-OVR (NYC-01), 1-F30 (NYC-02), 1-F30 (NYC-03), 1-OVR (NYC-03), 1-F30 (NYC-04), 1-F30 (NYC-05), 1-F30 (NYC-06), 2-F30 (NYC-07), 2-F30 (NYC-08), 2-F30 (NYC-99), 1-F20 (NYC-98), 1-OVR (NYC-98), 1-F40 (NYC-09), 1-F40 (NYC-11), 2-F40 (NYC-12)

2. Thomas Dold, 15-0-0, Germany, 45 points


Race results: 1-M20 (NYC-05), 1-M20 (NYC-06), 1-OVR (NYC-06), 1-M20 NYC-07), 1-OVR (NYC-07), 1-M20 (NYC-08) 1-OVR (NYC-08), 1-M20 (NYC-09), 1-OVR (NYC-09), 1-M20 (NYC-10), 1-OVR (NYC-10), 1-M20 (NYC-11), 1-OVR (NYC-11), 1-M20 (NYC-12), 1-OVR (NYC-12)

3. Chico Scimone, 15-0-0, Italy, 45 points

22:42 (70-79 age) 33:34 (80-89 age), 39:09 (90-99 age)

Race results: 1-M80 (NYC-00), 1-M80 (NYC-01), 1-M90 (NYC-02), 1-M90 (NYC-03), 1-M90 (NYC-04), 1-M90 (NY-05), 1-M80 (NYC-99), 1-M80 (NYC-98), 1-M80 (NYC-97), 1-M80 (NYC-96), 1-M80 (NYC-95), 1-M80 (NYC-94), 1-M80 (NYC-93), 1-M80 (NYC-92), 1-M70 (NYC-89)

4. Piero Dettin, 11-2-0, Italy, 37 points

15:04  20:29

Race results: 1-M60 (NYC-00), 1-M60 (NYC-01), 1-M60 (NYC-02), 1-M60 (NYC-03), 1-M60 (NYC-04), 1-M60 (NYC-05), 1-M60 (NYC-06), 2-M60 (NYC-07), 1-M70 (NYC-08), 1-M60 (NYC-99), 1-M70 (NYC-09), 1-M70 (NYC-10), 2-M70 (NYC-11)

5. Paul Crake, 10-0-0, Australia, 30 points


Race results: 1-M20 (NYC-00), 1-OVR (NYC-00), 1-M20 (NYC-01), 1-OVR (NYC-01), 1-M20 (NYC-02), 1-OVR (NYC-02), 1-M20 (NYC-03), 1-OVR (NYC-03), 1-M20 (NYC-99), 1-OVR (NYC-99)

6. Al Waquie, 10-0-0, 30 points


Race results: 1-M20 (NYC-83), 1-OVR (NYC-83), 1-M20 (NYC-84), 1-OVR (NYC-84), 1-M20 (NYC-85), 1-OVR (NYC-85), 1-M20 (NYC-86), 1-OVR (NYC-86), 1-M20 (NYC-87), 1-OVR (NYC-87)

7. Albert Puma, 6-5-1, New York, 29 points


Race results: 2-M70 (NYC-00), 2-M70 (NYC-01), 2-M70 (NYC-02), 1-M70 (NYC-03),2-M70 (NYC-04), 1-M70 (NYC-05), 1-M70 (NYC-06), 1-M70 (NYC-07), 2-M60 (NYC-96), 3-M60 (NYC-95), 1-M60 (NYC-94), 1-M60 (NYC-93)

8. Mary DeNitto, 8-2-0, New York, 28 points


Race results: 1-F50 (NYC-01), 1-F50 (NYC-02), 1-F50 (NYC-03), 1-F50 (NYC-05), 2-F50 (NYC-06), 2-F50 (NYC-07), 1-F50 (NYC-08), 1-F60 (NYC-09), 1-F60 (NYC-10), 1-F60 (NYC-11)

9. Stacy Creamer, 8-1-1, New York, 27 points


Race results: 1-F40 (NYC-00), 1-F40 (NYC-01), 1-F40 (NYC-03), 1-F40 (NYC-04), 1-F40 (NYC-05), 2-F40 (NYC-06), 1-F40 (NYC-08), 3-F30 (NYC-99), 1-F50 (NYC-10), 1-F50 (NYC-11)

10. Salomon Salha, 9-0-0, Venezuela, 27 points

18:08 (70-79 age), 21:56 (80-89 age)

Race results: 1-M70 (NYC-00), 1-M70 (NYC-01), 1-M70 (NYC-02), 1-M70 (NYC-04), 1-M80 (NYC-06), 1-M70 (NYC-99), 1-M70 (NYC-97), 1-M70 (NYC-96), 1-M60 (NYC-95)

11. Hal Carlson, 7-1-0, Illinois, 23 points

11:37  9:47

Race results: 1-M50 (NYC-04), 1-M50 (NYC-05), 1-M50 (NYC-06), 1-M50 (NYC-07), 2-M50 (NYC- 08), 1-M60 (LV-13), 1-M60 (LV-14), 1-M60 (LV-15)

12. Rudolf Reitberger, 6-2-1, Austria. 23 points


Race results: 2-M20 (NYC-00), 1-M30 (NYC-02), 1-M30 (NYC-04), 1-OVR (NYC-04), 1-M30 (NYC-05), 1-OVR (NYC-05), 1-M30 (NYC-06), 2-M30 (NYC-07), 3-M20 (NYC-99)

13.  Suzanne Walsham, 7-1-0, Singapore, 23 points


Race results: 1-F30 (NYC-07), 1-OVR (NYC-07), 1-F30 (NYC-08), 1-OVR (NYC-08), 1-F30 (NYC-09), 1-OVR (NYC-09), 2-F30 (NYC-11), 1-F20 (NYC-12)

14.  Bill Kanarek, 5-3-0, Pennsylvania, 21 points


Race results:  1-M40 (NYC-01), 1-M40 (NYC-02), 2-M40 (NYC-03), 2-M50 (NYC-04), 2-M50 (NYC-07), 1-M40 (NYC-99), 1-M40 (NYC-95), 1-M40 (NYC-94)

15.  Kurt Konig, 7-0-0, Germany, 21 points

Race results:  1-M30 (NYC-97), 1-OVR (NYC-97), 1-M30 (NYC-96), 1-OVR (NYC-96), 1-M30 (NYC-95), 1-OVR (NYC-95), 1-M30 (NYC-94)

16. Evelyn Davis, 7-0-0, New Jersey, 21 points


Race results: 1-F60 (NYC-00), 1-F60 (NYC-01), 1-F60 (NYC-02), 1-F60 (NYC-04), 1-F60 (NYC-05), 1-F60 (NYC-99), 1-F60 (NYC-98)

17. Sproule Love, 4-3-0, New York, 18 points

10:51  7:16

Race results: 2-M20 (NYC-01), 2-M30 (NYC-02), 2-M30 (NYC-06), 1-M40 (LV-13), 1-OVR (LV-13), 1-M40 (LV-15), 1-OVR (LV-15)

18. Andrea Mayr, 6-0-0, Austria, 18 points


Race results: 1-F20 (NYC-04), 1-OVR (NYC-04), 1-F20 (NYC-05), 1-OVR (NYC-05), 1-F20 (NYC-06), 1-OVR (NYC-06)

19.  Syd Arak, 2-5-2, Indiana, 18 points

12:39   10:44

Race results: 3-M60 (NYC-06), 1-M60 (NYC-07), 3-M60 (NYC-08), 2-M60 (NYC-09), 1-M60 (NYC-10), 2-M60 (NYC-11), 2-M60 (LV-13), 2-M60 (LV-14), 2-M60 (LV-15)

20.  Geoff Case, 6-0-0, Australia, 18 points

Race results:  1-M30 (NYC-93), 1-OVR (NYC-93), 1-M30 (NYC-92), 1-OVR (NYC-92), 1-M30 (NYC-91), 1-OVR (NYC-91)

21.  Belinda Soszyn, 6-0-0, Australia, 18 points

Race results:  1-F40 (NYC-97), 1-OVR (NYC-97), 1-F40 (NYC-96), 1-OVR (NYC-96), 1-F30 (NYC-94), 1-OVR (NYC-94)

22. Janine Aiello, 6-0-0, 18 points


Race results: 1-F20 (NYC-85), 1-OVR (NYC-85), 1-F20 (NYC-86), 1-OVR (NYC-86), 1-F20 (NYC-88), 1-OVR (NYC-88)

23. Joseph Kenny, 4-1-4, Indiana, 18 points


Race results: 1-M40 ( NYC-03), 3-M30 (NYC-96), 3-M30 (NYC-94), 3-M30 (NYC-92), 3-M30 (NYC-91), 1-M30 (NYC-90), 1-M30 (NYC-89), 1-M30 (NYC-88), 2-M20 (NYC-87)

24. Nina Kuscsik, 6-0-0, 18 points


Race results: 1-F20 (NYC-79), 1-OVR (NYC-79), 1-F20 (NYC-80), 1-OVR (NYC-80), 1-F20 (NYC-81), 1-OVR (NYC-81)

25.  Fiona Bayly, 3-3-2, New York, 17 points


Race results:  2-F30 (NYC-00), 2-F30 (NYC-01), 3-F30 (NYC-04), 3-F30 (NYC-07), 1-F40 (NYC-08), 1-F30 (NYC-98), 2-F20 (NYC-96), 1-F20 (NYC-95)

* Based on performances in an age/gender group from year 1978 to 2012 for the Empire State Building race (NYC) and from year 2013 to present for the Scale the Strat, Stratosphere race in Las Vegas (LV). These races are chosen as the stairclimbing world championship for this website because they are major events and get a good international turnout. From 1978 the Empire State Building race has been considered to be at least the unofficial world championship of stairclimbing by stair climbers and other stairclimbing websites. It is in the international destination city of New York City and is considered capitol of the world with the U.N. headquarters there. Starting from 2013 the Las Vegas race is used as the world championship for the purposes of this website and list since that is the year that the Las Vegas race moved to a one-day format. Also, many athletes have complained about the mass start of the Empire State building race. Las Vegas is also a very international city with over 35 million tourists visiting annually and this race is also considered the U.S. stair championship by and

Highest rankings go to the athletes with the most points. 3 points for first place finishes, 2 points for second place, 1 point for third place. If two or more athletes are tied, then the faster time. Overall win among male or female counts as an additional win (3 points).

Legend for abbreviations listed above:

NYC = The Empire State Building race of 1,576 steps in New York City

LV = The Scale the Strat, Stratosphere tower race of 1,455 steps in Las Vegas

Under race results, the first number is the place in that race, followed by the gender/age group, followed by the race location and year. For example:

1-M40 (NYC-04) means First place in the men’s 40-49 age group at New York City race in year 2004.

OVR = The Overall race winner (regardless of age) for a particular race.


Chico Scimone (Italy) flew every year to NYC to compete in the Empire State Building race, well into his nineties before passing away.  Chico and other athletes show that stairclimbing is not a sport just for the 20 and 30 somethings.

Thomas Dold (Germany) won the overall Gold at the NYC race 7 years in a row (2006-2012). He has won numerous races around the globe in stairclimbing and is also a champion at backwards running, breaking numerous world records in those events.

Paul Crake (Australia) won the overall Gold at the NYC race 5 years in a row and is still the only athlete to do the course in less than 10 minutes. He was also a professional cyclist.

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